How to Survive the Hunger Games – Suburban Foragers’ Style – part I

Hunger Games

How to Survive the Hunger Games – Suburban Foragers’ Style – part I


The Hunger Games is about survival, but then so is life itself.


Many of us are fortunate enough to lead comfortable existences where we take shelter, food and water for granted  But for many people across the world, that comfortable life often ends very suddenly, and they are left to depend on their wits and knowledge to survive.  They may not be fighting an enemy determined to destroy them as in the story, but their survival is just as dependent on their knowledge and abilities.

Disasters happen every day, such as hurricanes and tornados, that leave people stranded or homeless, where often they must depend on their skill and wits to stay alive until help arrives (if it arrives at all!).

This is why, even we who live in the “cradle of civilization” should always be prepared for such eventualities.

The true hunger games will likely happen when the industrial food chain breaks down and food suddenly becomes scarce (which is a strong argument for local agriculture and vegetable gardens).

One might store food in readiness for such an event, but just as in the story of The Hunger Games, one has to be able to hold on to it.  When there are a lot of starving people roaming around, things will get nasty and personal food stores will be prime targets.

The safest survival stores you can have, is knowledge.

Those who can turn to nature for shelter, water and nourishment will stand a far greater chance of survival.  This is why I have always felt it very important to develop my basic life skills and learn what plants can be eaten and which ones are poisonous.  My knowledge of wild foods and primitive skills has given me an inner confidence that has taken me through life.

Living off the land in an emergency is not easy,

nor is it necessarily very pleasant, however, it can mean the difference between life and death.  A knowledge of the medicinal uses of common plants can also be invaluable when there is nowhere else to turn.  The healing properties of common weeds such as plantain could stave off a serious infection when it is applied to an injury.  Common yarrow has historically been employed to stop bleeding on the battlefield and shepherds purse will help with internal bleeding.  We don’t have to wait for the arrival of a silver parachute sent by some distant benefactor, if we know how to make use of the herbal pharmacy that surrounds us.  Nor need we go hungry.

Of course, there are many other nature crafts and skills that would serve us in a survival situation.

Knowing how to build shelter, make fire, find water, fish, trap and hunt using only what nature provides, are skills that we may never need, yet given a true emergency situation, this ancient knowledge could mean the difference between surviving and becoming another statistic.

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