Survival Adventures

Surviving in the Wild

Learn traditional nature survival skills, using the wild world around you to create everything you need. Barry and Paul Mindich, graduates of Tom Brown’s Survival School in standard and advanced courses, have many years experience in primitive skills, including fire making, flint napping, tool making, shelter building, cordage making, tracking and trapping.

Fire Making

Primitive fire making skills are essential for survival in the wilderness.  In this workshop they will teach students how to select the ideal materials for creating fire making tools and the types of tinder necessary for a successful fire.They will walk students step by step through making a bow drill, spindle and fire board, creating a tinder nest and setting up a fire.  They instruct students on the proper ways to hold and use their equipment, how to create a glowing coal with minimal effort and the secrets to getting a successful flame.They will also discuss and demonstrate other fire starting methods and how to make natural twine, strong enough to use on a fire bow. Each student will take home supporting literature and their own fire making bow kit, to practice their newly learned skills. Other fire making workshops will also concentrate on different methods of wilderness cooking including the pit oven steamer and the pit oven smoker, as well as barbecuing, and methods of hanging pots, fire roasting or baking.

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