Recipe: From Milkweed to Seaweed

Stuffed milkweed

Stuffed milkweed pods

Choose pods that are young, firm and easily sliced.  If they feel at all tough or stringy, don’t use them.


24 young milkweed pods

Cup precooked grain (Rice, millet or quinoa)

Small onion

2 cloves garlic

1/2 small red pepper

1/2 cup wild greens (lambsquarters, purslane, mustard or stinging nettle)

small piece of ginger

teriyaki sauce

Salt & pepper

Coconut oil



Turning the pod in your hand, look for the seam.  Split the pod carefully along the seem so that you expose the white seed cluster without pulling the pods apart.  Using a blunt knife, work the center out of the pod.  If it comes out whole, it will resemble a small white fish.  Put it on one side.

Put the pod cases into boiling salted water and cook for about 5 minutes.  Drain



Slice the ginger and sauté in a pan containing two tbsp coconut oil

Chop the onion fine and add to pan

After a minute add finely chopped garlic cloves and chopped red pepper

Chop greens and add to mixture and cook for another minute

Stir in the grain and cook until hot

Remove ginger and flavor with about 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce

Add pepper to taste


Carefully fill each pod with stuffing and arrange on a platter


Garnish and serve


to watch our video, click here

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