Delicious Daylilies


This is daylily season, and these beautiful flowers help to brighten our day with their orange and yellow blossoms. However, there is so much more to these plants to be enjoyed. From the time the young shoots emerge from the ground in the spring, the plant can be eaten. Even the roots contain dozens of small edible tubers. However, this is the season for harvesting and enjoying the flowers.

Daylily flower buds ready to be used in a dish will add an exotic touch to any meal

Although the open flowers are good for eating and garnishing dishes, the unopened flower buds make a tasty and colorful addition to any dish savory or sweet.

Wild green dishes are so much more appealing with the addition of daylilies

I never let this season pass by without taking advantage of the large daylily patch in my front yard. I rarely prepare a greens dish at this time of year without adding some chopped daylilies. They add their own piquant flavor and a rainbow of exotic shapes and colors.

This chicken of the woods ragu is greatly enhanced by the addition of sliced flower buds

Another great thing about this season is that I often manage to find wild mushrooms growing in the woods. Last year I found a a white pored chicken of the woods growing at the base of an oak tree. Although this choice fungus is delicious sautéed by itself it is all the more attractive and delicious when accompanied by chopped daylilies.

Daylilies are an excellent ingredient to add to stir fries, soups and salads

This year I’m exploring ways to preserve buds for later use. I’ve tried a vinegar pickle in the past , but they lost all their color and turned limp. This time I am trying a brine pickle.

An open flower used as a garnish can add color and excitement to your cooking

So, enjoy your daylilies for their beauty, but use them to brighten up your meals, even if only as a garnish.

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